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Our Offerings

Regular VCE Classes

Weekly tutorials designed to help you understand, stay ahead, and master your exams. Available for VCE English and Maths.

Private Tutoring

Boost your confidence and grades at Artin Education with our top private tutors working at a pace and level tailored to your needs. Available for Year 7 - VCE

Parental Communcation

Transparency in education is important. That's why our tutors utilise an online system where parents can see the progress of their children, with personalised homework and feedback to complement learning outside of the classroom.

VCE Books

Textbook too confusing? No problem. Our notes are written by the best of the best tutors. They are designed to help you navigate the most complex of concepts and prepare you thoroughly for the exam. (Available: Mid-2019)

Online Video Tutorials

Some topics or questions can be really hard. That's why we've created video tutorials specific to your subject that you can use to learn and revise those topics or questions, at a time and pace that suits you.

Holiday Program

Our holiday program is for students who either want a head start or are looking to learn the secret tips and strategies to maximise their exam marks. These commence in January for (head start) and September (exam preparation).

  • Classes

  • Consultation
  • Duration
  • Class size
  • After hours support
  • Home Visits
  • Available for families with multiple students/subjects enrolled and/or referrals.Multiple enrolment discount
  • Students receive a head start so they are well prepared before they are even at school!Early start
  • This may include books and materials for final exam preparation. The extra fee is to cover the cost of printing and development of materials.Materials
  • Essay marking
  • Weekly homework
  • Notes provided
  • Regular testing
  • Secret techniques
  • Recorded lessons
  • We will provide feedback online regarding each students' progress. Parents are welcome to also contact us online, via phone, or in person.Regular parental feedback
  • Small Group

  • $50

    per hour

  • This is dependent on the subject. English lessons are typically shorter whereas Maths lessons go for longer.1.5 hours
  • <7
  • Private Tutoring

  • The fee is per hour, not per class.


    per hour

  • 1-2

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