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Our vision is more than just delivering the best learning experience to your child. When it comes to distinguishing the best students against the rest, everything really boils down to one fundamental factor: the best will always have a strong desire to succeed, because they often have a clear goal that they want to achieve at the end of the day, for example, if they wish to get into a certain university course.

Thus, we have carefully crafted our programs to:

  • Help your child define, develop and to finally achieve their goals.
  • Focus on 'understanding' and problem solving, rather than blindly rote-learning through repetition.
  • Have our students develop an appreciation of knowledge through interesting real-world applications, which will spark their inner curiosity.
  • Enable and empower your child to be more independent and a better critical-thinker which is an essential life skill.

Our minds are wired in such a way that it automatically weeds out information believed to be irrelevant. When students cannot see the relevance in what they're learning, they often become disengaged, lose interest and will perform poorly on their tests.  We engage our students not just through building a strong connection but also through teaching methods which focus on understanding, relevance and proper application - i.e. 'doing it right'. Once students see the relevance and understand the concept, an intrinsic interest/curiosity will naturally follow. And knowing that they are 'doing it right' is quite satisfying too - well, you have to admit that feeling of happiness when you solve a difficult maths problem.

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Bob Zhu (VCE English ¾, 50, 2014) and Ming Lian (VCE Specialist Mathematics ¾, 50, 2014) have only specialised in English and Mathematics, respectively, to ensure that quality of teaching is unparalleled throughout all classes, with more than ten years of combined experience between the two of them.

Bob Zhu
Director, English

Bob graduated the VCE (Dux Proximus) with an ATAR of 99.90 and a raw study score of 50 in VCE English (view here, 2). He then attended the University of Melbourne, studying commerce and majoring in Actuarial Studies under the prestigious Melbourne National Scholarship (Chancellor's Scholar program), graduating with First Class Honours. During his time at university, he was actively involved in the Actuarial Students Society as Vice President and also won multiple Dean's scholars awards. His team also won first-place in the Global Microfinance Case Competition in 2016, beating New Zealand for the title (learn more). In addition, Bob has assisted in the preparation and publication of the Thomson Reuters - State of the Australian Legal Market 2016 Review, view here . Aside from tutoring, Bob has also actively worked with numerous organisations in the past few years including the Melbourne City Council, World Vision, GradReady, E&Y and in investment banking.

Ming Lian
Director, Mathematics

Ming graduated the VCE with raw study scores of 50 in VCE Specialist Maths and 48 in Maths Methods (Rank 1) (view here, 2). He then attended the University of Melbourne, studying commerce and majoring in Actuarial Studies and maintaining First Class Honours. Previously, Ming has actively worked with a number of educational organisations, namely Cambridge University Press (the gold standard of VCE maths books), helping them proofread and edit 30+ VCE/HSC/QACE maths textbooks and Dynamic Science. He has written material for countless textbooks, with the interactive Specialist Maths textbook bearing his name (click here to view. He is the sole presenter of the online video tutorials on Cambridge Senior Mathematics for Specialist Maths and various other titles. On top of this, he has also worked at Edrolo in the past, as well as co-hosting a CAS calculator professional development workshop at the Texas Instruments Learn/Energise/Connect event in 2014, where teachers from all over Australia came.

Chrina Sun

Cindy Wang
Tutor, English

VCE English (50 raw), B.Arts/Law (Monash)

Luna Wan
Tutor, English

VCE English (50 raw), B.Biomed (Melb)

Naomi Zhang
Tutor, Mathematics

VCE Maths Methods (40 raw), B.Ed (Monash)

Nimaya Kodikara
Tutor, English

VCE English (47 raw): B.IT/Sc (Monash)

Jasmine Tsai
Tutor, English & Mathematics

VCE English (40 raw), B.Biomed (Melb)

Victor Zhu
Tutor, Mathematics

VCE MM (50 raw), SM (50 raw), B.Biomed (Melb)

Jon Yat
Tutor, Mathematics

VCE MM (45 raw), SM (45 raw), B.Com (Monash)

Louis Gu
Tutor, Mathematics

VCE MM (46 raw), SM (43 raw), B.Com (Melb)