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I really enjoyed going to tutor every lesson. He is really easy going and really knows his stuff. He provides lots of examples and breaks down the information so it is easier to understand. I definitely got my money's worth. I can see he is very passionate about helping others and he has helped me improve a lot. If you are looking for a methods, specialist or physics tutor I definitely recommend Ming


Ming, obviously we are very pleased with Jacob's results and I want to thank you for your help. We think that your sessions with Jacob were instrumental to his success. Your math knowledge and VCE preparation experience was only one although important part. Even more important was your ability to motivate Jacob to put the hard work in. This has resonated well in other subjects as well. So again, thank you for your help. I have already given out your number to people looking for a tutor, hope you don't mind and I would highly recommend you to anyone studying for VCE.


Had the benefit of trialling some English lessons with tutor Bob Zhu. His thorough knowledge of the VCE English coursework was impressive, and his teaching style very appropriate for all levels. Look forward to learning from him over the next year.


Hi Ming, I've been meaning to ring you and thank you for tutoring Grace this year. Your support was invaluable and I'm sure she would've struggled without you. I also wanted to check if you'll still be available next year to tutor my younger daughter next year, who will be doing Yr 11 specialist mathematics by distance education? I hope you have a merry Xmas & Happy New Year. Thanks again.


Bob understood my issues in English, and was not afraid to tell me when I had gone wrong. He constantly spent time not just trying to show me new techniques, but to develop my appreciation for English as a subject. I did English as an Additional Language, and Bob helped me get the highest score in my school for the subject!


Hi Ming, I have just completed all the questions in booklet!! I can do most of them without difficulties, but I find myself weak in different forms of reciprocal functions. Tomorrow I need bit more help about reciprocals! And again your tutoring did help me make a lot of progress 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am so happy that you don't mind my questions! I will try my best to solve problems and check mistakes first then turn to you! You cant imagine how much I have learned from you!!!!!


Thank you for all your assistance in getting Sacha to her current level and we will obviously need your help keeping her there (and beyond)!


Great job with Katie for getting an A+ on the tech free. I hope she does the same for tech active.... Hi Ming, Good job. Katie got an A on both sac. I'm very surprised. Hope this is a result of her studying hard.