English (Year 5/6 Scholarship Preparation)
English Foundations (For students in Year 7-9 seeking to accelerate)
English (Year 10)
English (VCE)

Mathematics (Selective School Entry)
Numerical Reasoning (Selective School Entry)
Mathematics (Year 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / Accelerated)
General Mathematics (VCE)
Further Mathematics (VCE)
Mathematical Methods (VCE)
Specialist Mathematics (VCE)

What's included?

Personal Performance Scorecard

Artin Education head tutors (Bob, English or Ming, Maths) will personally assess the performance of your child in order to create a tailored set of homework and learning objectives at the beginning of the program.

Subject Notes

Artin Education has developed its own set of notes for students in Years 5 to VCE (English & Maths). These are all included as part of the private tuition and small group class sessions.

Tailored Homework

Artin Education's head tutors set homework that is always tailored for each individual student (even in group classes) - there is no set of generic homework that students follow.

After Hours Help

Artin Education head tutors are always available after hours for questions via our online learning platform (powered by Trello).

Important Dates

Our VCE classes begin in mid-November, early January and February. It is recommended that students enrol in the mid-November stream so they can start preparing for their exams as early as possible.

Year 9/10 classes will begin in early January and February.