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Why does it feel like you're learning nothing in English class until Year 12?
That's (unfortunately) a pretty common response we hear...

English is the most poorly defined subject from Primary School, High School, all the way up until VCE English in Year 12. 

'What is Text Response? What's Argument Analysis? ' 
'How do I embed quotes? I was always taught to use quotes as evidence.'
'I think I know TEEL...? Like I wouldn't say I use it properly though.'
'So do I actually need to know Creative Writing for Year 12?'
'How do I not waste time in English class? I end up either just doing Maths or zoning out...'
'I wrote an essay and the teacher never gave it back to me, only a score and some basic feedback.'
'Wait, so do I need to do Reading Comprehension in VCE English?'
'I write one essay a term, well probably less than that, and I only get feedback after the term ends when I've forgotten everything...'
'What's this Framework of Ideas things? What's a Mentor Text?'

These are all examples of why students struggle in English. However, they all boil down to one simple problem: there is no clarity, certainty or conviction in how or what to teach in English up until Year 12. Therefore, it is paramount that students prepare for VCE English from a young age, and make the most of their time in English class. We provide tailored feedback in each class, and we follow VCE standards no matter what year level, to ensure that students have their eyes on the goal. 

There is no such thing as 'Year 9 writing' versus 'Year 12 writing'. This is a common myth, as we've seen Year 9 students who can write extraordinarily well, but were unfortunately hindered by low expectations in English class at school. We want to ensure all students are given a chance to excel in English, and not waste the time that they have in school.

English is about early preparation, early feedback, and early initiative.

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From Year 5 to Year 12, our English Programs are designed and tried with excellence in mind. Learn the strategies and techniques used by former high-achievers to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed.
Data drives our teaching.

Message from Bob Zhu


This is Bob. I want you to know that I've personally worked with more than 220 students in English from Years 5 to 12, across a range of public and private schools in Victoria. English is not just a subject, it is a journey, one that requires a tutor who learns to work with you and your school teachers. Unfortunately, from personal experience, it is not enough just to be a good writer and to have the best essays, I am here to help with both that and the other, less-discussed side of English... How to work with teachers, how to get on their good side, and more importantly, how we work to build discipline in your writing.

As a part of Artin Group, we specialise in how I personally take my Year 12 students privately. I do NOT do group classes in Year 12, as I believe there needs to be that personal touch, each VCE English student's experience varies greatly. I've had experiences at Mac.Robertson Girls School, Melbourne High School, John Monash Science School, Glen Waverley Secondary College, Haileybury College, Scotch College, Waverley Christian College, Wesley College, Presbyterian Ladies College, Mount Waverley Secondary College, Highvale Secondary College and plenty of other schools where students in the SAME CLASS (obviously the same teacher, unless you go to John Monash, and you have the dual teacher situation) have vastly contrasting experiences of the same English subject!  

Believe me, I have stories, many stories about how my students have dealt with seemingly hopeless situations, where we have come back to get a score we can be proud of (even a situation where a student was told their by their school teacher that their Argument Analysis AND Comparative Text Response essays would be 6 out of 10 at best just 7 days before the exam, and they went on to not only receive a perfect 50 Raw in VCE English, but to attain a Premiers Award).

English, although extremely subjective, is not impossible. There is a method to the madness, and I believe I can help students see through the dense, dark fog of unintelligible feedback from teachers and lack of writing direction.

I look forward to reviewing your waitlist applications, and helping as many students as I can personally!

Bob Zhu

Tutor Profile

Bob completed VCE in 2014 and obtained a raw 50 in VCE English and an overall ATAR of 99.90. He has been tutoring for 10+ years, and since 2019, has taught at least one raw 50 in VCE English each year.

Bob is very familiar with a wide range of public, independent and selective schools in how they teach English, from Year 7 to 12.

Bob's focus is on demystifying how English feedback is provided, providing a data-driven approach that helps students get the most out of their work. 

Unlike what most schools provide, feedback and performance reviews are critical and essential for English. Although we have standardised resources, what we will give you will usually be tailored for your specific requirements! Unlike other subjects, we believe English requires notes, resources and samples that are fit for your specific situation.
From the beginning of the year, we track and tag student feedback and performance to tailor our approach. The longer you’re with us, the more we understand about how you’re going at a detailed level.
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For a lot of students, English is quite dry and all about writing full essays. For us, we ensure that students understand the individual building blocks and components of essay writing. Rather than seeing it as a steep mountain to climb, we guide students step-by-step through each section. 
We set homework every week, not an excessive amount, but just enough to ensure students retain what they have learnt in class. Most importantly, we provide feedback and track their results to build a better understanding of how they are. Writing an essay is a step-by-step process, one which requires steady practise.
Feedback should not just be a score. To improve, we not only provide feedback but also track and tag it over time, to see if there are growing areas of improvement, and to track their performance over time. We continuously track student feedback across four individual dimensions

Understanding of essay structure

How well a student understands the theory and content we teach.

Depth of one’s writing

How deep a student’s analysis is.

Areas of improvement

Boost your confidence, master "the field".

Speed and timing

How does a student handle time pressure when writing.
English is not just about helping a student mark their essays, but empowering them to be able to critique and improve their own work. Our lessons are designed to empower students in writing with easy-to-follow metrics for calibrating performance.
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Who is it for?

Our program is designed for intermediate and advanced students who want to perform at their potential. Lower-ability students may consider consider private tutoring in addition to this program.

What if the student’s school coursework for English is not the same as what you teach?

English is broken into 4 essay types for VCE: Text Response, Argument Analysis, Persuasive and Creative (both of which come under Framework of Ideas). We ensure that students are taught structures which can be flexibly applied to their schoolwork, and in fact, we encourage them to do so. Students are also encouraged to submit schoolwork for English to tutors to correct and review prior to submission.

What classes are available for Year 12's?

We take all Year 12’s privately. That is how seriously we treat VCE 3/4 English, as each student’s situation differs quite drastically, even for those in the same class. This is only available for existing students of Artin Education from a younger year level that we have built familiarity and trust with, or on special referral and completion of a pre-Consultation Assessment and Consultation.
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Location & Timetable

Glen Waverley

We follow school terms for classes.

Lessons at the Glen Waverley campus for Years 5-6 and Years 7-8 and 9-10 and 11 occur between Saturday 12pm to 4pm, and Sunday 9am to 3pm.

Box Hill

We follow school terms for classes.

Lessons at the Box Hill campus for Years 5-6 and Years 7-8 and 9-10 occur.
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We also offer online learning options

All of our programs can be live-streamed online if you wish to attend online instead of at one of our campuses. 

The tutorials are also recorded and uploaded onto our online learning management system if a class is missed or for revision purposes.
Our course is built from the mindset of former high-achievers, who have mastered the subject, and recognise the challenges that VCAA are implementing, to assist our students to maximise their performance.
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