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At Artin Education, we pride ourselves on academic excellence. Congratulations to our recent students who have scored these exceptional results. 
Tzi Tzi Ding (2023)
Charles Kuang (2022)
Raymond Zhang (2021)
James Lam  (2021)
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Cassandra Lim (2021)
Ian Chiu (2021)
Lasya Kondur (2021)
Chen Wang (2020)
Kiran Rasaratnam (2020)
Vanessa Jin (2020)
Nancy Lu (2020)


Ming, obviously we are very pleased with Jacob's results and I want to thank you for your help. We think that your sessions with Jacob were instrumental to his success. Your math knowledge and VCE preparation experience was only one although important part. Even more important was your ability to motivate Jacob to but the hard work in. This has resonated well in other subjects as well. So again, thank you for your help. I have already given out your number to people looking for a tutor, hope you don't mind and I would highly recommend you to anyone studying for VCE
— Cezary Wisniewski, Jacob's Parents, Student (2017)
I went to Artin for both Methods and Spesh and I can honestly say I would be so lost without Ming's help!! He was always willing to answer any and all the questions I had (especially those late nights before SACS haha), and never failed to provide detailed and thorough explanations that made my 3/4 experiences so much less stressful!! Notes and lessons were always concise yet comprehensive, and his insights into exam trends and technique are unmatched. I couldn't recommend Artin more highly, thank you Ming!!
— Beitris Chiu, Student (2018 & 2019)
I went to Artin Education for units 3/4 Specialist Mathematics and can honestly say that Ming is the reason why I have come to understand and enjoy spesh! Notes provided were very comprehensive and lessons ensured that I gained experience with a wide variety of exam like questions and understood the concepts in depth. Ming has been so helpful this year, always being available to answer any questions that I had at anytime of the day! He shared methods of study and revision with us that helped me retain knowledge and be well prepared for the exam. I would definitely recommend Artin Education to VCE students. Thank you so much Ming!
— Abiramy Kuriakose, Student (2019)
Having been taught by Ming and Bob, I can confidently say that they are two of the most dedicated and passionate people I have ever met. Not only do they teach from a principles-based point of view, which ensures that their students clearly and fundamentally understand the content, but they are personally invested in their students’ success and will selflessly and genuinely do all to help their students excel. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Ming and Bob along with their fun but empowering learning environment. I cannot speak highly enough of Artin education and I truly do believe that they are the best tutors you will meet.
— Michelle Doan, Student (2019) 
I enrolled in Artin Education with Ming as my Math Methods tutor. Ming was an extraordinary math tutor. He is not only extremely knowledgable, but also explains all the maths concepts so they are much easier to understand than how they were taught at school for me. He is also the most dedicated tutor I have ever met - he was always willing to answer all my questions outside of our tutoring sessions. I highly recommend Ming's services to anyone looking for a tutor. Thank you, Ming, again for all the support you provided me with last year!
— Sarah Nguyen, Student (2021)
I was enrolled with Ming for Maths Methods at Artin Education. After being told I was going to fail the subject, I reached out to him and he immediately set out to help me not only pass but score beyond what was expected of me. Ming explained the concepts in a way that was incredibly helpful and clear cut and also dedicated so much time outside of class to marking my papers, going over hard topics and creating worksheets for me. I highly recommend this practice for anyone struggling in Maths, Ming was truly a life saver !
— Jessica Le, Student (2021) 
Amazing tuition centre. Super friendly teachers that not only help during class, but are always willing to help outside of class with any additional work. I’ve recommended Artin to many of my friends, and so have my parents and I would recommend to anyone wanting quality English and maths tuition.
— Hannah Kaur, Student (2022)
Learning Year 12 maths under Ming, I was able to gain an understanding about topics I never thought possible. His explanations are incredibly clear and intuitive, and he really went out of his way to help me do his best. Could not recommend more!
— Kiran Rasaratnam, 2020
I cannot recommend the mathematics program at Artin Education highly enough. Unlike many other mathematics programs, which focus more on teaching robotic and highly mechanical methods of approaching questions, the head tutor Ming places more emphasis on identifying all the different ways to get a question right each and every time. More importantly, he encourages everyone in his classes to understand WHY each method works, and subsequently which methods are relatively more efficient than others. This approach to teaching encourages mathematical reasoning, which I attribute to sharply increasing my confidence while studying mathematics and my ability to tackle more challenging curveball questions. If you're looking for a place to help you excel, and also to enjoy and see the beauty in mathematics, Artin does it best!
— Ian Chiu, Student (2021)
Artin played an extremely impactful role in my VCE journey, without their assistance in both math and English I would not have been able to achieve what I did. Ming is very understanding, helpful and easy to grab a hold of if you have any questions, even on the weekends. Could not recommend Artin Education enough if your goal is to not only pass, but excel in VCE.
— Vincent Giang, Student (2021)

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