VCE Mathematics Program

Want to ace Methods or Specialist Maths? If you are...

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 Looking for a head start to your studies?

 Not satisfied with your SAC marks?

 Wanting to master your CAS calculator skills?

 Understanding concepts but unable to score well?

 Wanting to maximise your marks by seeking an edge?

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...then talk to us to today and we will transform your VCE journey!
Director of mathematics - artin education

Message from Ming Lian

Hey there,

I'm Ming and I'm on a mission to help you unlock your full potential and achieve massive success in life and academics.

đŸ’Ș Who Am I?
I'm not your typical math tutor. I'm a mathematician, a scholar, and a relentless advocate for your success. My journey from a struggling student in Year 9 to topping the state in Year 12 has equipped me with the knowledge, passion, and strategies to help you conquer mathematics.

🌟 About Me:
In 2014, I topped the state with raw scores of 48 in VCE Maths Methods and a perfect 50 in VCE Specialist Maths.

At the University of Melbourne, I studied Actuarial Studies and Mathematics. I've helped many VCE students taking Melbourne University Extension Mathematics so I'm here to guide you through the advanced stuff too!

For the past 9 years, I've worked with Cambridge University Press, proofreading and consulting with authors on the latest textbooks you use. You'll see me in their online videos for the latest Year 7 - 10 EMAC textbooks, all the VCE Maths texts, Cambridge Checkpoints, and Cambridge VCE Chemistry. I've worked on hundreds of publications to date, including HSC (NSW), QACE (QLD), SACE (SA) and WACE (WA).

I've worked closely with authors / VCE assessors which includes dealing with pre-publication material that is not released to the public and unique exam insights. So I know exactly what is required from a student and insider perspective that your typical tutor or school teacher do not know.

I've shared my expertise with other educational and EdTech companies, including Edrolo, for which I partially authored material in their General Mathematics book. For Texas Instruments, I was invited to present lectures to teachers (at their TI Learn-Energise-Connect T3 events) on how to use the CAS calculator from an expert perspective!

With 9 years of tutoring experience, I've helped countless students not only achieve scores of 40+ but also a number of perfect raw 50's and 99.95 ATARs. I've placed the results of 2022 at the bottom of the page and also screenshots from some past students too.

Whilst I've personally had success in several subjects at high school and univerisity level including Biology, Chemistry and Physics, I only tutor Mathematics as I am most passionate about it and believe that my best work comes from focus on a single field.
Believe it or not, I once struggled with maths too, barely passing in Year 9 and 10 through a lack of application and bad study technique. I've worked hard to overcome that and that fuels my determination to guide you through the journey of transformation—from doubt to dominance.

🔑 My Commitment:
I believe that mathematical success is within everyone's grasp. My commitment is to be your mentor, your motivator, and your unwavering support on your high school journey. I'm here to guide you, challenge you, and help you unlock your full potential. All I ask in return is that you work your hardest and stay focused.

Let's learn and conquer together.

See you soon,

Ming Lian


VCE Mathematical Methods & Specialist Head Start

Our head start program will prepare you thoroughly for the upcoming school year for students entering Units 1 & 2 or 3 & 4.

Begin the new year by being prepared and confident!


Program runs from the week starting 13/11/23 - 15/01/24

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Break between 18/12/23 - 01/01/24

Promotional pricing only until 12/11/23 with limited spots available

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$60/week for 8 weeks (1 & 2) 

$70/week for 8 weeks (3 & 4)

VCE Term Dates and Program Details

Head start 
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Head start excellence PACKAGE

 Week starting 13/11/23 - 15/01/24 [BREAK 18/12/23 - 01/01/24]

Get a strong head start during the holidays and be prepared to tackle the challenges of VCE with confidence. Here's what's in store:

 Foundation Reinforcement:
Dive into essential pre-requisite concepts ensuring a robust base.
 Advanced Learning:
Delve deep into new material for VCE, ensuring you're steps ahead.
 Exam Mastery:
Get introduced to exam-style questions and master the techniques to approach them effectively.
 CAS Calculator Skills: 
Understand detailed functionalities and applications of the CAS calculator for efficient problem-solving.
 Skill Drills: 
After each topic, engage in drills to build speed, confidence, and ensure topic mastery.
 Knowledge Checkpoints:
Regular in-class mini quizzes to validate your understanding and application of taught concepts.
  Final Assessment:  
End your head start with an assessment providing a clear indicator of your performance and readiness for the year ahead.
TERM 1 Triumph Package

 WEEK STARTING 22/01/24 - 08/04/24


Navigate the initial phase with precision, ensuring you're well-prepared for SACs.

 Thorough Content Coverage [UNITS 3/4]:
Complete all necessary material for your first SAC.
 SAC Simulation:
Benefit from mock SACs, including those that inspire school assessments. Upload your SACs for feedback and consult with us for tailored advice.
 Exam Mastery & CAS Integration:
Dive into exam-style questions and techniques, coupled with a detailed CAS calculator walkthrough.
 Speed & Confidence Builders:
Engage in topic-specific drills and regular mini-quizzes, reinforcing learning and boosting confidence.
 Final Assessment:
An end-of-term assessment ensures you're on track and identifies areas of focus
Exclusive CAS Programs: Master your CAS calculator with our custom-designed programs, designed to handle specific tasks with ease.
Term 2 Mastery Package

 WEEK STARTING 15/04/24 - 01/07/24

As you delve deeper into the curriculum, our Term 2 package ensures you're fully equipped for the upcoming SACs.

 Comprehensive Content Exploration: 
Cover all remaining material essential for your subsequent SACs.
 SAC Readiness:
Engage in mock SAC preparations, with the added advantage of feedback on uploaded assessments and personalized consultations.
 Exam Techniques & CAS Proficiency: 
Continue mastering exam-style questions and techniques, integrated with detailed CAS calculator functionalities.
 Skill Reinforcements:
Regular drills after each topic and in-class quizzes to ensure consistent progress.
 Coursework Completion [UNITS 3/4]: 
By the end of this term, be confident in having finished all coursework for the subject, setting you up perfectly for revision and mastery in Term 3 
 BONUS* Exclusive CAS Programs:
Master your CAS calculator with our custom-designed programs, designed to handle specific tasks with ease.
Term 3 Exam Mastery Program

  Week starting 08/07/24 - 23/09/24 [THIS IS THE LAST TERM]

Our Term 3 program is tailored for students determined to excel in their VCE exams, providing an all-encompassing approach to revision and exam readiness.

 Intensive Revision Sessions [UNITS 3/4]: 
Dive deep into all core topics, ensuring a robust foundation for every aspect of the exam.
 Authentic Practice Exams:
Experience real exam conditions with our full-length, full-page practice exams. No more squinting at small prints; enjoy clarity and precision in your practice.
 Personalized Exam Feedback:
Unique to our program, students can upload their exam papers to receive detailed, constructive feedback, pinpointing areas for improvement.
 Mock Exams & Tailored Feedback:
Engage in simulated exams, mirroring the true exam environment, followed by insightful feedback highlighting focus areas.
 BONUS [UNITS 3/4]* Customized Bound Reference: Receive a complimentary bound reference, meticulously curated to enhance exam performance.
 BONUS* Exclusive CAS Programs:
Master your CAS calculator with our custom-designed programs, designed to handle specific tasks with ease.
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Comprehensive Year-Round Tutoring

8-Week Head Start: Begin the academic year with an advantage. Our intensive 8-week program during the summer holidays (November to January) ensures students are introduced to core concepts well before school commences.

Term-Specific Modules: Each term's curriculum is meticulously designed. From January to April (Term 1), we cover crucial course content, ensuring students are well-prepared for their first SAC in May. By July (end of Term 2), we complete the remainder of the course, and from July to September (Term 3), we shift our focus to rigorous revision and exam techniques.

Comprehensive Revision: We believe in staying ahead. By mid-year, our students finish the entire course, granting them valuable months for self-study and revision before the November exams.


Flexible Learning Modes

In-Person or Online: Whether you prefer traditional classroom settings or the comfort of your home, we've got you covered. Our classes are conducted in-person and are simultaneously live-streamed online for accessibility.

Always Available: Missed a class? No worries. All our sessions are recorded and made available, ensuring students can revisit complex topics anytime on our Learning Management System (LMS).


 Deep Dive into Mathematical Understanding:

Understanding not memorising: Before diving into drills, we teach every concept in an intuitive and promote understanding of the concept, rather than just knowing how to do questions alone.

Problem Solving:
We teach multiple ways to solve problems. This helps students understand better, double-check their answers, and tackle any question that comes their way.

Systematic Error Reduction: Every mistake is a learning opportunity. We've developed strategies to systematically identify and reduce common errors, maximizing exam scores.


Unique Assessment Strategy for Holistic Development

Regular Knowledge Quizzes: After every topic, we conduct in-class mini quizzes. These ensure immediate feedback on comprehension, allowing for timely course corrections.

Test-Based Learning: Our program is interspersed with multiple assessments every term. These aren't just tests; they're tools to help students pinpoint their weaknesses and tailor their revision strategies.

Feedback Loop: Our feedback doesn't just focus on mathematical errors but also on presentation, ensuring students don't lose marks over trivial oversights.


Exclusive Tutoring Experience & Premium Resources

Learn from the Elite: With our head tutor having achieved raw scores of 48 in Maths Methods and a perfect 50 in Specialist Maths, coupled with a rich history of tutoring many successful students, you're learning from one of the best.

Exclusive Resources: Our carefully curated materials offer a depth and perspective that stand out from conventional textbooks. They provide unparalleled exposure not available elsewhere.

Calculator Mastery: In the VCE Maths Methods course, the CAS calculator is a vital tool. We've developed custom-coded programs to handle specific tasks, giving our students an edge in exams.


Unwavering Support Throughout the Journey

Beyond the Classroom: We recognize that doubts can arise anytime. Our commitment extends beyond classroom hours, ensuring students get the help they need when they need it.

Personalised Guidance:
Every student's journey is unique. Our FREE consultation is designed to understand individual strengths and areas of improvement, tailoring a learning path that's just right.

Location & Timetable

Glen Waverley

Maths Methods 1 & 2 Wednesday 5:00PM - 6:30PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 10:30AM
Maths Methods 3 & 4 Friday 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Saturday 1:00PM - 3:00PM
Specialist Maths 1 & 2 Wednesday 7:00PM- 8:30PM
Saturday 11:00AM-12:30PM
Specialist Maths 3 & 4 Friday 7:15PM - 9:15PM
Saturday 3:30PM - 5:30PM

Box Hill

Maths Methods 1 & 2 Thursday 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Maths Methods 3 & 4 Tuesday 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Sunday 1:00PM - 3:00PM
Specialist Maths 1 & 2 Thursday 7:00PM - 8:30PM
Sunday 11:00AM-12:30PM
Specialist Maths 3 & 4 Tuesday 7:15PM - 9:15PM
Sunday 3:30PM - 5:30PM
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We also offer online learning options

All of our programs can be live-streamed online if you wish to attend online instead of at one of our campuses. 

The tutorials are also recorded and uploaded onto our online learning management system if a class is missed or for revision purposes.

2022 Median: Maths Methodss

6 perfect ATAR's since 2020

2022 Median: Specialist Maths
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Our course is built from the mindset of former high-achievers, who have mastered the subject, and recognise the challenges that VCAA are implementing, to assist our students to maximise their performance.