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Think Chemistry's an insurmountable hurdle? You're not the only one

Chemistry is one of the hardest VCE subjects available to students. Every year, it leaves hopeful Year 11 and 12 students feeling confused, anxious, and defeated. Worse, the teaching provided in schools is often insufficient to meet such challenges, forcing students to tackle it without proper guidance. Even the best teachers can sometimes fail to fully breakdown certain chemistry concepts and neglect showing students how to efficiently approach even the most common question types.
This is where we come in. If VCE Chemistry is like a journey from A to B, our job as your tutor is to make that journey as clear and as easy as possible. 

Looking to learn how to supercharge your Chemistry study? Let us help you make your VCE dreams a reality! 

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Message from Charles Kuang

Hi there,

I'm Charles. Having graduated with an ATAR of 99.95 and a raw 50 study score in Chemistry, I want to pass on my knowledge and experiences so that you too can realise your VCE Chemistry goals. It doesn't matter if you're a student who wants to excel, or if you're struggling to get by - it is my passion to help you achieve your full potential.

As a part of Artin Group, we specialise in only having a fixed tutor for each class. I am the sole Chemistry teacher, tutor, question-maker and feedback-provider and your group classes will always be run by me. I am committed to helping you navigate the arduous journey of VCE Chemistry.

Although Chemistry is difficult, it is not impossible. Personally, I believe that I achieved a raw 50 not through natural talent alone, but more so thanks to the right hard work in the right places. After spending many hours building upon my knowledge and refining my approach to questions through repetition and practice, I developed the tools necessary to thrive in VCE Chemistry. Tools that I will hope to provide you throughout your VCE journey.

I look forward to working with you all,

Charles Kuang

Tutor Profile

Charles, completed VCE in 2022 and is one of the top VCE scorers ever, achieving a raw score of 50 in 5 of his subjects (Chemistry, English, Methods, Specialist with Premiers, Further) and a 99th percentile in the UCAT.

He is currently studying a Bachelor of Medical Science, and Doctor of Medicine at Monash University.

Achieve your goals

How does Artin help students excel in VCE Chemistry?

Confidence is one of the most important elements to success in Chemistry. Having the comfort of knowing the content and questions inside and out gives you the freedom to tackle the questions head on, without inhibitions or hesitation.

So how is our chemistry tutoring program going to get you to this level of confidence?

1. Understanding

First, we're going to do away with rote memorisation and instead replace it with a strong understanding of VCE Chemistry. By using original, intuitive examples to breakdown complex topics, we will turn the theory from a meaningless string of words into something tangible that you can visualise and apply endlessly, saving you from hours upon hours of revision. 

For instance, Equilibrium is a topic students find particularly challenging due to the complex nature of the content. Specifically, students often find questions requiring the application of Le Chatelier's difficult. However, if we simplify it to a tank of water separated into two halves, it becomes exponentially easier to make use of.

2. Optimisation

Secondly, we're going to optimise question completion through pattern recognition and targeted practice. While most students may view each question in Chemistry as its own problem, it is astonishing how easily answers can be standardised across many seemingly different questions.

Thanks to my strength in English, I have developed simple, re-useable structures that ensure your answers are tailored to the requirements of the question, over a wide range of topics.

Furthermore, for mathematical and practical questions, I have devised systematic, yet simple processes that you can follow to answer even the most challenging questions quickly and efficiently.

3. Exam Prep

Finally, we're going to hone your exam techniques. The final VCAA Chemistry exam is a beast - it is 120 marks and goes over a whole 2.5 hours of writing time. If unprepared, it will show you no mercy. However, we're going to target exam questions from day one, so that by the time you step foot into your final exam, you're going to know exactly what to expect, and exactly what you're going to have to do to achieve success. 

Our VCE Chemistry Tutoring Benefits

Here's why we're the perfect VCE Chemistry tutor for you! Samples of our resources are coming soon!

Engaging weekly group sessions

Engaging weekly group sessions covering basic theory, intuitive understanding, application of content, and exam techniques to give students the confidence to tackle the challenges of VCE Chemistry. Our lessons are meticulously planned to provide students maximum value during class. Not only will you leave feeling exponentially more confident, but you'll also have a clear action plan to follow to improve your results.

30+ Comprehensive notes

30+ Comprehensive notes used every lesson to cover all the information needed to excel in VCE Chemistry. Combining theory and practice examples, they will equip you with the foundations necessary to achieve your goals.

60+ Application booklets

60+ Application booklets with exam style multiple choice and short answer questions sorted by topic to systemise question completion and practice application of knowledge. Targeted practice is essential to success. By walking through a range of questions, you will become accustomed to the style of question asked on the end of year exam. It will also guide your studies, helping you identify areas that you need to revise further.

Intuitive Examples

Intuitive examples to simplify even the most complex topics. Sometimes, teachers can make chemistry unnecessarily hard. Instead of teaching you vague rules and theories, we're going to equip you with clear cut analogies that are easy to understand and widely applicable.

Structures and systems

Structures and systems to answer common questions quickly and efficiently.


Clarity in areas of ambiguity and uncertainty.

Guidance and mentorship from an expert tutor

Guidance and mentorship from an expert tutor who has relevant experience achieving some of the highest levels of success in VCE.

Our tutor's personal tips and tricks

Our tutor's personal tips and tricks that we developed and used ourselves, including checking methods and other strategies that will enable you to maximise your results.

24/7 individual on demand support

Structures and systems to answer common questions quickly and efficiently.

Full recorded sessions

Full recorded sessions for endless revision and catch up if you ever miss a class.

Practice SAC and exam resources 

Practice SAC and exam resources for students to hone their skills in their own time.

Accelerated course

Accelerated course for ample exam preparation time.

Mock exams

Mock exams to simulate the final year exam experience.

Unified LMS

Unified LMS for easy, consolidated access to all resources.

Free consultation

Free consultation to fully understand the needs, strengths, and weaknesses of the student.

What is Our Offering?

Chemistry 1/2

Chemistry 3/4

 Week starting 22/01/24 - 23/09/24

Gain a strong foundation to begin your VCE Chemistry journey with confidence and certainty!

 1.5hr Weekly Group Sessions:
$60/week to secure your place in our program!
 WEEK STARTING 22/01/24 - 23/09/24

Hone your skills and master your techniques to excel in your end of year exam!

 2hr Weekly Group Sessions:
$70/week to secure your place in our program!

Frequently Asked Questions

Location & Timetable

Glen Waverley

Chemistry 1/2 Thursday 7:15PM - 8:45PM
Chemistry 3/4 Monday 7:15PM - 9:15PM

Box Hill

Chemistry 1/2 Saturday 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Chemistry 3/4 Saturday 3:30PM - 5:30PM
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We also deliver content flexibly!

All of our programs can be live-streamed online if you wish to attend online instead of at one of our campuses. 

The tutorials are also recorded and uploaded onto our online learning management system if a class is missed or for revision purposes.